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…on `Setuid Demystified` and `Understanding Android Security`

I did not appreciate much the topic (setuid) per se. Maybe because in my work, I still did not handle systems involving managing `setuid`’s or maybe I was not aware that I’m using them. But what I appreciate more is the reading suggests through formality (i.e. using a formal model) in understanding more of the `setuid` details. I’m really¬† a fan of mathematical proofs. For me, something explained and supported with mathematical models and proofs is something irrefutable. Building systems verified with mathematical models are somehow flawless and bug-free.

I’m really glad having read the `Android` topic. The last time I heard of it (Android) was during my undergraduate and it did not get my attention. Knowing what has come to it now (improved community, development, integration, and security),¬† it is now prioritized more on my `to-study` checklist. If I have extra money, I feel that I really should buy one (gadget with android os). If I have extra time, although not my leaning (mobile development), I will try to spend some time developing on top of it.

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