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…on `Attacks and Defenses for the Vulnerability of the Decade`

The reading discusses security vulnerabilities involving mainly of some forms of buffer overflow attacks, and some known effective defenses against them (buffer overflows).

I admit that I’m also guilty of not coding the so called `correct` way (sometime). Well like most developer it’s a matter of weighing among functionality, performance, and correctness. Most of the time functionality is the major concern. On a reflection, the reading makes me realize of reconsidering some defenses against buffer overflow attacks although with some performance drawbacks.

I appreciated it more on reading it the second time after doing Project 1.  Well, learning by experiencing (that is doing it first hand), is still the best way to realize the importance of it. Now, I’m motivated to go deeper on other types of buffer overflow attacks since Project 1 only deals with type 1 (first).

On a second thought, although skeptic because of performance concerns, type-safe languages should be prioritized more in picking a base programming language for software development.

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